Don’t expect an iTunes streaming or subscription announcement tomorrow

Mon, Nov 15, 2010


With Apple’s cryptic iTunes announcement just hours away, no one, not even John Gruber, seems to have an idea as to what trick Apple has up its sleeve. One of the more popular theories that made the rounds earlier today centered on Apple announcing a cloud-based streaming service that would lets users access their iTunes data from any iOS device. That theory, however, was quickly debunked by All Things Digital which pointed out that any streaming announcement would have been preceded by licensing deals which apparently haven’t been signed just yet. That also rules out reports that Apple was planning on introducing an iTunes subscription service.

But the music industry sources I’ve talked to so far today don’t know of any new deals between Apple and the big music labels. So that would rule out a new subscription service, which would definitely require a new rights deal.

And that also makes it very unlikely that Apple does the next best thing: Letting users upload their iTunes catalog to the cloud, and letting them access it anywhere they want.

And so the saga continues..


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