A closer look at Sprint’s ZTE Peel

Tue, Nov 16, 2010


The Spring ZTE Peel is a 3G sleeve that provides iPod Touch owners with Internet access via 3G when a wi-fi network can’t otherwise be found. The device went on sale this Sunday and retails for $79 and requires a $29/month plan from Sprint for 1GB of data.

Also functioning as a poor man’s Verizon MiFi, the Sprint Peel can support up to two other Wi-Fi devices, though this functionality will set you back another $20/month.

Some final points to be aware of – The ZTE Peel only works on second and third-generation iPod Touchs. If you’re sporting a brand spankin’ new iPod Touch 4G with the front and rearside cameras, you’re out of luck. Also, the Peel not surprisingly decreases battery life and users should expect approximately 5-6 hours of browsing time when starting from a full charge.

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