iPad most likely to blame for shrinking interest in netbooks

Wed, Nov 17, 2010


Remember netbooks? No? Come on, think harder. Okay, I’ll refresh your memory. Netbooks were those once-popular miniature laptops that came with small screens, cramped keyboards, and horribly designed hardware. Not too long ago, analysts wondered why Apple wasn’t entering the increasingly popular netbook market only to have their questions answered emphatically with the iPad, which has since left the netbook crippled in its wake.

In a recent ChangeWave survey, 3,108 consumers were polled about future electronics purchases. While the percentage of people looking to purchase either a laptop or desktop in the next 90 days is essentially the same as it was this past August, the percentage of folks intent on buying a netbook has fallen off dramatically. 14% of people who indicated their next purchase would be a laptop expressed interest in purchasing a netbook. This marks a significant decline from the 24% figure seen in June 2009 and more than a 25% decline from this past January when Apple first announced the iPad.


Interestingly, approximately 1 in 4 respondents indicated plans to purchase a tablet in the future, a fact which bodes well for Apple given their overwhelming dominance in the tablet space.


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  1. steffenjobbs Says:

    Still not enough netbook users are switching to iPads. This quarter will also likely show an iPad sales shortfall. The iPad has been a blessing and curse for Apple. The high end of projected numbers can’t be reached and Apple will suffer for it. I don’t think many companies are being downgraded for lost netbook sales, but Apple is being downgraded for lost iPad sales. Supposedly the iPad is one of the fastest-selling non-phone device in history and it still isn’t enough for Wall Street which really seems very strange. With Black Friday coming, there still is a small chance that consumers may start buying iPads in force, but I’m not going to be optimistic about that happening if consumers really don’t have much money to spend.

  2. Tom Lawler Says:

    Your reply is all over the place! First it’s supply failure, then demand failure. The uptake for iPad is off the charts. This was while Both supply n demand had been constrained. Now that supply is way up, you have doubts? Spending is up, too. Black Friday n beyond looks quite black, indeed!

  3. jsk Says:

    Why would Black Friday be significant for iPad sales? Apple doesn’t do sales on its hardware, only 3rd party stuff.

  4. Tom Lawler Says:

    The Christmas shopping season will be good for ipads because ipad supply is ubiquitous and demand is too. Spending is up, too, so far this fall.

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