Skyfire resolves server issues, axes support for Windows Mobile and Symbian

Thu, Nov 18, 2010


Skyfire has remedied the server problems that initially caused the company to temporarily remove it’s iPhone app from iTunes after its servers were overwhelmed by user demand. In the process, the app generated quite a pretty penny for the 35-person development team, having netted the group over $700,000 during the first 3 days it became available on iTunes.

Skyfire, if you remember, is an app which serves as an add-on to Safari. What it does is enable users to watch otherwise unviewable Flash video by converting Flash content to HTML 5 video and then streaming it back down to any number of iOS devices.

“We expect now to keep the app up in the App Store in the U.S. without pause,” CEO Jeff Glueck wrote in a blog post.

Also of note is that Skyfire is now available in Canada with support for users in Ireland, the UK, and a few other countries scheduled to launch shortly.

Regarding an iPad compatible version of the app, Glueck mentioned that his team is in fact working on an iPad optimized version of the app that they hope will be ready for release before 2011.

“If your primary device is the iPad, we suggest you hold off and wait for Skyfire’s iPad app,” Glueck explains. “It will have a host of extra features, as well.”

In a separate entry, Glueck writes that the company is retiringits legacy version 1.0 of Skyfire for Windows Mobile and Symbian effective December 31.

This two-year old product used a “proxy browser” approach which is no longer our vision.  It was a revolutionary product when introduced and offered for free, but the fast-moving mobile market has changed significantly since 2007, and as a small tech start-up, we need to keep innovating forward.

Our new 2.0 product is built for the next generation of smartphones and tablets with full support for html5, offline browsing, javascript, WebKit, and full-screen video. The 2.0 architecture is exponentially more data efficient as well, and better fits the technology roadmaps of our B2B customers (wireless carriers and handset makers)..

Meanwhile, Skyfire has no intention of releasing the app for Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms going forward citing cumbersome payment mechanisms and unacceptable piracy rates.

That said, Glueck writes that they are keeping their eye on Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 platform along with Nokia’s MeeGo platform and the new Blackberry OS 6.


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