Comcast bringing DVR management and streaming content via its Xfinity TV app

Fri, Nov 19, 2010


One of the cooler, more futuristic apps out there, in my humble opinion, is the DirecTV app which lets subscribers browse TV schedules and record shows to their DVR remotely. Okay, maybe futuristic is pushing it a bit, but when you watch as much TV as I do, having that type of functionality is a godsend.

But what about folks who don’t have DirecTV? What if you have, let’s say, oh let’s just pick something at random here, a service like Comcast? Well gentle reader, you’re in luck.

Starting in December, Comcast will allow its subscribers to mange their DVR from iOS devices, and more impressively, will give them the ability to watch Comcast movies on their iOS devices as well. Users can also use the app as a remote control from the comfort of their living room. Also, once watching a show, you can invite a friend via the app to watch a show, and if he accepts, it will turn on at his own house. A nice alternative to calling up your buddy and pleading, “Put it on channel 4”!

The Xfinity TV App is part of Comcast’s ongoing commitment to offer customers the ability and flexibility to watch TV on their terms. Last month, Comcast introduced so its 23 million customers can access their favorite shows – including premium content from HBO and Showtime – from a computer.

Below, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts demos the Xfinity TV app running on an iPad.

you can download the app here.


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