The easiest phone to use isn’t the iPhone, it’s John’s Phone [Video]

Fri, Nov 19, 2010


For as easy to use as the iPhone is, this may very well be the most simplistic cellphone in existence. Called John’s Phone, it has a ringer, a quadband SIM port, a ring-off switch, a mute button, a display at the top for incoming calls, and a keypad – and that’s it.

Hilariously, the back of the phone has an address book along with a ‘games’ section which is comprised of tic tac toe. And it also comes with a built in pen where a stylus might be to write down the phone numbers. And all it does is make and receive calls. That’s it, and as a result, it lasts about 3 weeks on standby. The phone comes in 5 different colors, costs 89 euros, is a no-contract pay as you go device, and is available from

Has speed dial and is a large key phone which makes it ideal for the elderly or a young child who might need a cellphone but doesn’t quite need a full fledged smartphone, or even a flip phone.


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