$399 iPads showing up at T.J. Maxx; Jobs says they’re not authorized resellers

Sat, Nov 20, 2010


There’s some tomfoolery going on at T.J. Maxx these days. For some inexplicable reason, the clothing retailer is carrying the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad and selling it for only $399, $100 less than what you can find anywhere else. At this point it remains unclear how a) TJ Maxx is acquiring said iPads and b) how they can afford to sell them for so cheap. Interestingly, Marshalls is also reportedly offering a similar deal on the base model iPads at select locations in Florida.

With $399 iPads showing up all of a sudden, some began speculating that a price cut on Apple’s popular tablet was imminent. Not surprisingly, those notions were quickly dismissed by Steve Jobs himself.

Responding to a user email asking if Apple would match TJ Maxx’s prices and if TJ Max was even an authorized iPad reseller, Jobs responded with a “Nope. And nope.”

via 9to5Mac



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