Foxconn ramping up iPad production ahead of holiday shopping season

Tue, Nov 23, 2010


Digitimes reports that Foxconn is ramping up iPad production ahead of the holiday season and has started mass producing iPads at its new plant in Chengdu, China.

Foxconn had previously refuted claims that the company would establish iPad production lines at the plants in Chengdu, but related component players have pointed out that Foxconn already started shipping iPads from the site in November and expected the site to become a major supply base starting the first quarter of 2011.

Currently, most of the iPad supplies still come from Foxconn’s plants at Shenzhen, China and the site is capable of supplying 2.5 million units maximum each month, with volumes fluctuating based on the supply of components such as touchscreen modules or panels. iPad shipments in the fourth quarter could surpass seven million units with volumes for 2010 to reach 15 million units, the sources pointed out.

According to the report, Foxconn is expected to set up about 50 iPad proudction lines at its plants in Chengdu with annual iPad production expected to hit a ceiling of about 40 million units.


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