Apple makes huge land purchase in Cupertino

Fri, Nov 26, 2010


MercuryNews reports that Apple recently added a whole lot of acerage to its Cupertino campus, having just purchased a 98-acre lot of land from Hewlett Packard. The land grab effectively doubles Apple’s home base in Cupertino.

Analysts said the deal is a positive indicator for both Apple and the Silicon Valley economy overall. “We’re very proud to have Apple’s headquarters in our city. It’s not just a company. It’s the company,” said Mayor Kris Wang, one of several officials who said they believe an expanded Apple operation could more than┬ámake up for the $1 million or so in annual tax revenue Cupertino now gets from HP and its employees.

The HP property is across the street — Pruneridge Avenue, to be exact — from a 50-acre site that Apple had previously acquired and announced as the location for a planned second campus, to augment its main headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop. City officials said the main headquarters is about 35 acres.

Apple now occupies 57 buildings in Cupertino.


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