iPad 2 to showcase 5 new features, including USB port and Retina Display – Rumor

Fri, Nov 26, 2010

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The iPad has been out for over 8 months now and competitors are still trying to figure out a way to give Apple’s tablet a real run for its money. But as is often the case, by the time comparable offerings finally hit the market, Apple will most likely be ready to release the iPad 2. Early reports suggest that Apple will reveal its next-gen iPad in early January, and if last year’s release is any indication, we can expect the iPad 2 to hit store shelves by April at the very latest.

So what’s in store for the iPad 2?

Well, DigiTimes reports, citing the Chinese-language Economic Daily News, that Apple is planning to tout 5 new features on the iPad 2. They include a built-in video camera (which comes as no surprise), a USB port, better mobility, a Retina Display, and a 3-axis gyroscope.

The video-phone feature (probably FaceTime) is expected to benefit AppleiPad’s webcam suppliers, while iPad 2 may adopt smaller size panels featuring thinner glass. The USB feature will allow the device to be more connection friendly, while Apple‘s “Retina Display” technology will enhance image and color output performance. The 3-axis gyroscopes will enhance gaming, added the paper.

Regarding the inclusion of a USB port, Arn of MacRumors chimes in:

Finally, the USB connector is perhaps the most surprising.

All of Apple’s iOS devices have been based around the dock connector for charging and syncing. This proprietary connector also gives Apple some control over the accessory market for their devices… Apple’s adoption of USB may be due to regulations passed in Europe requiring the adoption of a universal USB charging standard amongst mobile phone manufacturers including Apple.



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  1. sjun demartelaere Says:

    Apple better introduces a Light Peak slot with it. I’m wondering what a Retina display of will do with the resolution and the cost of the iPad 2?

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