One week only – Radio Shack offering iPhone 4 for $149, 3GS for $49

Sun, Dec 5, 2010


Interested iPhone 4 customers are receiving an early Christmas present courtesy of Radio Shack. The nationwide electronics retailer recently announced via its Facebook page that it will be offering iPhone shoppers $50 off on all iPhone 4 and and 3GS models.

So what does that translate into? Some of the more amazing iPhone deals we’ve seen to date. Here are the details.

You can pick up an 8GB iPhone 3GS for only $49 and a 16GB iPhone 4 for $199. The 32GB iPhone 4, meanwhile, is going for $249 after the Radio Shack discount.

Not only that, and in line with previous promotions, but users can trade in their old iPhone models for even more store credit to be applied to a new iPhone purchase. An iPhone 3G will net you a $75 credit while a 3GS will net you $125.

That being the case, users can pick up a 16GB iPhone 4 for only $25! ($199 – ($50+$75)) if they have an iPhone 3GS. That type of deal cannot be overstated! If you’re running an old iPhone 3G, you can still pick up a base model iPhone 4 for only $74 – still a steal and a half.

As for the iPhone 4 32GB model (regularly priced at $299), you can pick it up for $124 after employing the $50 credit and trading in an iPhone 3GS. Trading in an iPhone 3G will net you the iPhone 4 32GB model for $174.

And here’s the kicker. If you’re still using an iPhone 3G, you can essentially upgrade to the iPhone 3GS for free and get $25 worth of store credit to boot. Sound too good to be true? Well it ain’t. The 8GB iPhone 3GS regularly retails for $99. Subtracting Radio Shacks more than generous $50 credit leaves you with a $49 bill. Once you factor in the $75 trade-in cost of the 3G, you can pick up the 3GS on the house with 25 bones left over for in-store accessories or whatever type of goodies you can find at the Shack.

If any of this is at all appealing, you better act fast. The deal started this past Friday and runs for one week only, ending on Friday December, 11.

And though this should go without saying, a quick caveat to anyone hoping to bring in an old, broken-down iPhone that can’t function:

*To be eligible, the phone must power on, cannot be PIN locked and must be in fully functional, working condition without any broken components, including, but not limited to, cracked or broken display. In addition, the cell phone housing or casing cannot be cracked or broken, and neither the display nor the housing can exhibit any signs of liquid damage.



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