Renowned architect Norman Foster tapped to design new Apple campus

Tue, Dec 7, 2010


In late November, Apple purchaseda 98-acre lot of land from Hewlett Packard, effectively doubling the size of their Cupertino campus. And now it appears that Apple is planning on employing famed British architect Norman Foster to design a new campus on its recently purchased lot of land, according to a recent report in the Spanish business newspaper El Economista.

Touted as one of Britain’s most prolific builder of landmark office buildings and the winner of numerous architectural awards, some of Foster’s more famous works include London’s “Gherkin” tower and the Millennium Bridge, as well as the Reichstag dome in Berlin. The report notes that Foster’s upcoming work in Cupertino will include buildings designed for engineers and cutting edge R&D. Also a priority, not surprisingly, is a focus on being environmentally friendly and the use of renewable energy sources.

Notably, and of course these plans are still in the design phase, Apple and Foster hope to connect the new campus (which is a few blocks away from the famed 1-Infinite Loop) to Apple’s main campus via a network of tunnels as to maintain the green surface area.

Oh Apple, your futuristic and environmentally friendly ways know no bounds.


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  1. Stenar Says:

    Gawd, I hate that Gherkin tower. UUUGGHH-LY!

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