Apple expands Motorola lawsuit to include 12 additional patents

Wed, Dec 8, 2010

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There’s so much patent litigation involving Apple these days it’s really hard to keep up and devote sufficient attention to each particular lawsuit. Matters are only compounded when each case seemingly involves an endless number of patents at issue. And if things are already a bit tricky, why not make em’ even trickier?

That clearly wasn’t Apple’s motivation, but that’s essentially what happened last week when Apple quietly expanded its lawsuit against Motorola to include 12 additional patents. The grand total, now? 24 Apple patents and 18 Motorola patents are currently at issue in Apple and Motorola’s ongoing, and now ever larger, legal case. Not surprisingly, 21 of the 24 patents Apple is asserting rights over involve Android.

You can check out a full rundown of the Motorola/Apple legal dispute over here at fosspatents.

We’ll try and break down the actual lawsuits and patents at issue in the weeks to come.



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