Toshiba building new plant to supply LCD panels for iOS devices

Mon, Dec 13, 2010


Citing the Japanese-language Nikkei newspaper, Reuterus is reporting that both Apple and Toshiba are investing upwards of $1.2 billion to construct a new factory designed to manufacture LCD panels, with the main purpose of the plant being to supply LCD displays for Apple’s line of iOS devices.

The company’s wholly owned unit, Toshiba Mobile Display Co, will construct the facility in Ishikawa prefecture and the plant will churn out low-temperature polysilicon LCD panels, which allow for high-resolution images, the paper said.

Work on the plant will start by early next year, with the production due to begin in the second half of 2011, Nikkei said.

Toshiba already produces LCD panels at a monthly rate of 8.55 million units. The report notes that the company’s new factory, however, will more than double their monthly output.


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