Where is Steve Jobs? Apple owes him $37.91

Tue, Dec 14, 2010


We know Apple is secretive, but come on, this is taking things to far! Initially discovered by Gawker, it appears that Apple, according to California state records, owes acting CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs a whopping $37.91. Now this may not sound like much, but given that Jobs only earns $1 a year, this is a potential goldmine waiting to fall into his lap!

The photo below was taken from the State of California’s Unclaimed Property program which is tasked with holding property “that has been turned over to the State of California for safekeeping by business when they lose contact with the property owner(s).”

Oh Steve, where art thou?

Interestingly enough, a quick search on the website reveals that Jobs is owed chump change by quite a few folks. In one entry, for example, Time Warner owes Jobs $0.44 in dividends.

We’re sure Jobs has more pressing matters, but if he ever wants to take those 30 some odd bucks home, all he has to do is file some paperwork with the state.


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