iPad dominates corporate tablet deployment

Thu, Dec 16, 2010


Recent data compiled by ChangeWave suggests that the iPad’s stranglehold on the consumer tablet market is seeping its way into the business world. Last month, ChangeWave surveyed 1,641 business IT buyers to gauge how business are either using or plan to use tablets in the work place. The results, not surprisingly, show that corporate demand for the iPad is more than double that of other competitors.

As it stands now, 7% of corporate respondents indicated that they now supply employees with tablet devices, a 1% increase from ChangeWave’s last survey in August. Now as for a device by device breakdown, the survey found that 82% of deployed tablets were iPads, while the HP Slate and the Dell tablets occupied 11 and 7% of tablet handouts respectively.

Also not surprising is that customer satisfaction rates for the iPad are markedly higher than those of competing tablets.

Moving forward, 14% of respondents indicated that their companies are planning to furnish tablet devices to employees during the first quarter of 2011. Put simply, the number of companies planning to use tablets will effectively double in just a few months time. And with the iPad 2 set for a Q1 2011 release, Apple is poised to record unbelievable iPad growth just around the corner. And which, tablets, pre tell are companies interested in purchasing when it’s time to make that ever so important tablet decision? Why the iPad, of course. Impressively, 78% of respondents who indicated a plan to deploy tablet devices in 2011 said they plan on purchasing an Apple iPad.

And as a final point of interest, the following chart shows how companies who already use tablet devices use them on a day to day basis.

Ah, the time honored tradition of browsing the web and checking email lives on!

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