Nokia widens patent litigation against Apple

Fri, Dec 17, 2010

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Nokia yesterday announced that it was expanding its patent infringement lawsuit against Apple to include even more patents it claims Apple is trespassing on. Nokia’s new claims against Apple were brought in the UK High Court,¬†Dusseldorf and Mannheim District Courts in Germany and the District Court of the Hague, Netherlands.

The infringing products in question include Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

“These actions add 13 further Nokia patents to the 24 already asserted against Apple in the US International Trade Commission and the Delaware and Wisconsin Federal courts,” explains Paul Melin, vice president, Intellectual Property at Nokia. “The Nokia inventions protected by these patents include several which enable compelling user experiences. For example, using a wiping gesture on a touch screen to navigate content, or enabling access to constantly changing services with an on-device app store, both filed more than ten years before the launch of the iPhone.”

Some of the other patents claimed by Nokia cover technology related to user interface design, noise suppression, antenna structures, chipsets, display illumination, and the integration of multiple radios. And that’s just a partial list – so yeah, Nokia is throwing the whole kitten kaboodle at Apple in the hopes it can attain some royalty payment from Cupertino for each iPhone sold.

Looks like the lawyers will be having the last laugh once again.



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