Apple TV sales to hit 1 million units this week

Tue, Dec 21, 2010


It’s like Steve Jobs likes to say – when a company sells a lot of a certain product, they have no problem announcing their sales figures. That said, Jobs has taken Amazon to task in the past for touting impressive Kindle sales without divulging specific details. Likewise, Apple hasn’t been entirely forthright in the past regarding sales of the Apple TV. Until now.

Apple today announced that sales of its revamped Apple TV is on target to hit 1 million units this week.

Apple today announced that it expects sales of its new Apple TV to top one million units later this week. The new Apple TV offers the simplest way to watch your favorite HD movies and TV shows, stream content from Netflix, YouTube, Flickr and MobileMe, all on your HD TV for the breakthrough price of just $99. iTunes users are now renting and purchasing over 400,000 TV episodes and over 150,000 movies per day.

Apple also touted the fact that its new AirPlay feature lets iOS 4.2 users wirelessly stream music, video and photos directly to their HDTV via the Apple TV, making it the “perfect IOS accessory.” For some time, the Apple TV was a lukewarm hit for Apple – prompting Jobs to refer to it as merely a “hobby”. Sales were good enough to keep the product alive, but not so great as to really make a dent in the living room. With a new $99 pricepoint and the excitement surrounding AirPlay, however, the Apple TV may very well be on track to be the first successful non cable/DVR device to make inroads into the living room.

Previously, Steve Jobs noted that Apple had sold 250,000 units of its new Apple TV within the first three weeks of going on sale.


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