Apple looking to expand iOS navigation software team

Wed, Dec 22, 2010


AppleInsider directs us to new job postings from Apple which suggest that the folks in Cupertino are looking to add some navigation software experts to their iOS team.

“Seize this ground floor opportunity to help us build the world’s best hosted platforms at massive scale,” it reads.

Apple seeks job candidates with “valuable knowledge” related to the development of navigation software, as well as “deep knowledge of Computational Geometry or Graph Theory.” Candidates are required to have at least 3 years’ experience of developing “high quality, robust software systems.”

The hires, and the mention of navigation software, could signal that Apple is gearing up to build its own personal navigation tools into the iOS mobile operating system. Apple’s chief competitor in the mobile space, Google, introduced its¬†own turn-by-turn software¬†for Android devices over a year ago.

“The position is with an emerging and rapidly growing product team building software used by millions of Apple customers in rapidly growing markets worldwide,” the description continues. “The candidate will be part of a team that develops and maintains a complex array of global content.



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