Original Apple Lisa 1 sells for $15,000 on eBay

Wed, Dec 22, 2010

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Earlier this week, an original and purportedly functioning Apple Lisa I computer went up on eBay. There’s no way to tell if the winning bid is legit or not, but the screenshot below indicates that someone did, in fact, it was worth it to shell out $15,000 for this piece of Apple and computing history.

The seller described the aforementioned Lisa 1 as an early production model that still boots up. The seller’s older brother was supposedly part of the Lisa 1 development team, and upon passing away in 1988, the younger bro decided to safely store the computer away in his closet. Until now.

Now as for what the bundle included:

  • It has authentic Lisa 1 and Twiggy ROMS.
  • It has the Keyboard
  • It has the original TWIGGY Floppy Disk Drives. I assume they work.
  • Anti-glare silk screen for the CRT. No holes or tears
  • The plastic has yellowed some but as you can see there‚Äôs no chips, cracks, or dents anywhere on the case.
  • The CRT is bright and sharp with no burn in.
  • No problems with the power supply.
The bundle did not include a mouse (not a surprise) nor the Lisa system software.
Now this of course wouldn’t be the first time someone shelled out a lot of moolah for an ancient Apple relic. Indeed, $15,000 seems like the steal of the century compared to the $213,000 shelled out for an original Apple I computer this past November at a Christie’s auction in London by a anonymous Italian businessman and private collector.



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