Screenshots and setting from the upcoming Mac App Store

Fri, Dec 24, 2010


9to5Mac today posted some settings screenshots of the upcoming Mac App Store which is poised to launch on January 6. Below is a signup page that users will presumably need to complete before entering the store. An AppleID will be necessary though users can use the same user ID and password they have for either iTunes or MobileMe.

Also of note is that the Mac App Store will come with parental control preferences much like the ones already in place on the iTunes App Store. What this means is that each app will be given an age ranking, either +4, +9, +12, or +17 and users will be able to preclude the downloading of certain apps for certain age groups.

And below is a photo of the App Store icon just chillin in the dock.

Lastly, 9to5Mac relays that there will be no universal binary type of deal for apps on the iTunes App Store and the Mac App Store.


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