Apple updates Remote app to include AirPlay Support and Internet radio controls

Mon, Dec 27, 2010


Apple last Wednesday issued an update to its Remote app for iOS devices. The update adds quite a bit of new functionality, including support for AirPlay, Internet radio controls, the ability to control iTunes on your computer, and of course, stability and performance improvements. The Remote 2.1 update can be downloaded for free from iTunes over here.

Now AirPlay is getting quite a bit of hype and rightfully so. With an installed base of millions, using an iOS device as a universal remote is a delightfully intriguing proposition. While AirPlay already supports streaming support for audio, video and photographic media, support for streaming Keynote presentations is coming soon, according to Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The broader picture, of course, involves the idea that folks will one day use their iOS device as a universal remote in the truest sense of the word – meaning that it’s probably just a matter of time before users can use their iOS devices to control anything from the lighting in their house to their indoor temperature.


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