Instagram nets 1 million + users

Tue, Dec 28, 2010


The uber popular photo sharing app Instagram continues to pick up steam.

From the Instagram blog:

It was 12:15am, October 6th and we had been working on the app non-stop, day and night for 8 weeks. With a bit of hesitation, I clicked the button that launched “Instagram” live to the Apple app store. We figured we’d have at least 6 hours before anyone discovered the app so we could grab some shut-eye. No problem, we figured.

Within a few minutes, they started pouring in. People from places like Japan, France, New York, started signing up in droves. The night of sleep we were hoping for turned into a few meager hours before we rushed into the office to add capacity to the service.

Now, only a couple months later, we’re happy to announce that our community consists of more than a million registered users.


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