Purported iPad 2 case moldings suggest tapered edges for the next-gen iPad

Wed, Dec 29, 2010

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Will the iPad 2 sport tapered edges? That seems to be the case if you buy into leaks purporting to show iPad 2 case designs. The drawing above is reportedly a case mold drawing from an Asian case supplier and you’ll note the spot for a camera on the back.

9to5Mac reports:

Some new information we have discovered through these drawings is a brand new port opening on the left side of the device. We’re not sure what this opening is for but it is there on these latest iPad 2 design schematics. On the drawings there appears to be an SD card going into the port but that could just be a piece of the case mold machine. The latest rumors point to either a mini USB or a full USB port being present on the iPad 2 so it very well could be one or a combination of the three ports.

The report also relays rumors that the iPad 2 will be 8.5 mm thick, which if true would be quite an achievement given that the thickness of the current iPad’ measures in at 13.4mm.



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