TapTapTap’s Camera + app rakes in over $160,000 in four day holiday stretch

Wed, Dec 29, 2010


After months sitting on the sidelines due to a ban from Apple, the Camera +app from TapTapTap was recently accepted back into the iTunes App Store and wasted no time raking in thousands of dollars thanks to an extremely busy download holiday season on iTunes.

Over the past few years, the definition of “success” on iTunes has taken on even greater significance, with more money at stake than ever before. That said, TapTapTap recently provided MacRumors with their sales data over the holiday weekend, and coupled with Camera +’s position on the iTunes charts, we can deduce what kind of money some of the top developers are bringing in these days.

As you can tell from the chart above, the app was doing quite well in the days preceeding Christmas, whereupon sales skyrocketed from the 46,000 range to over 78,000 individual downloads on the 25th. At $0.99 a pop, TapTapTap took home about $54,000 after Apple took it’s 30% cut. Putting things into context, Camera + was the 6th most popular app on iTunes on Christmas day.

Putting things into historical perspective, MacRumors observes:

The download statistics showed improvement from last year’s numbers, which revealed a similar data point of over 79,000 downloads on Christmas Day for the #3 ranked app, compared to Camera+ at #6 this year with a similar number of downloads. Historically, each rank position near the top of the charts represents a large difference in downloads Consequently, this year’s #3 ranked app likely sold significantly more than 79,000 units.

And if there’s any doubt as to the kind of moolah you can rake in with a popular iPhone app, check out these sales figures. That’s a whopping $160,542 in take home profits for TapTapTap in just a four day span.



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