Apple to order upwards of 65 million iPad displays in 2011

Thu, Dec 30, 2010


Given the overwhelming success of the original iPad, you can’t really fault Apple for being a tad optimistic about how the iPad 2 will sell in 2011 now that the device has etched itself a place in the public psyche. DigiTimes reports that Apple is expected to order 35 million iPad panels from LG in 2011, and thanks to optimistic sales projections, an additional 30 million panels from Samsung and Chimei Innolux collectively.

Based on these estimates, iPad panel shipments (including first and second generation models) will reach 65 million units in 2011, which is significantly higher than market estimates of 45-48 million units for the year. Market players noted that the 65 million unit shipment goal indicates that Apple is very optimistic about the tablet PC market in 2011, and it may also mean that Apple is overbooking panel capacity.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPad 2 sometime in January and the device is expected to come with rear and front facing cameras, a  USB port perhaps, an SD card slot perhaps, wide range speakers, and a slightly smaller form factor.


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