Tip: How to turn any selected text into a Stickie note with this keyboard shortcut

Fri, Dec 31, 2010


Stickies used to be more a more prominent part of the Mac OS, but over time, they’ve steadily fallen into the background. Indeed, it wouldn’t surprise us if most OS X users weren’t even aware of the existence of stickies. Still, they sometimes have a useful, albeit limited, purpose from time to time. That said, the following trick might be so useful as to actually convince you to start using stickies again.

As it turns out, there’s an unbelievably quick way to turn any selected text into a stickie note on the fly. Simply select the text you want and press Command + Shift + Y. Stickies will immediately open up a new note with the previously selected text already typed in.

But what’s the real world use of such an action? Well, Macenstein notes that you can print out a sticky with Command + P just as quickly as you can create one with the aforementioned keyboard shortcut.


Bonus Tip: Turn any stickie note in the foreground transparent by typing Command + Option + T



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