Rapper Ludacris is an iPhone guy, calls the iPad the best gadget of 2010

Wed, Feb 2, 2011


With the ability to deliver rhymes at breakneck speed with clever wordplay, Ludacris is one the more talented rappers in the game today. While most folks simply know Ludacris as the man behind hit songs like “Move Bitch” and “Roll Out”, the Atlanta-based MC is looking to expand his horizons, business wise, by releasing his own personal line of headphones dubbed Soul. Pricing starts at $100 for earbuds and goes up to $300 for professional quality headphones.

A few weeks ago, CNN caught up with Ludacris at CES where the rapper explained the motivation behind his new business initiative while also declaring his adoration for all things Apple, and in particular the iPad.

Without hesitation, Ludacris admits to being an iPad addict. “Hands down. No question,” he explains.

CNN: Are you an Apple guy?

Ludacris: Definitely, I’m an iPhone and iPad guy. iPad, hands down. Of the year 2010, I feel like the iPad — I don’t think anybody can tell me different — I think that was pretty much the best invention, the best gadget out of 2010.

CNN: What’s your favorite app?

Ludacris: “Words with Friends.” I’m addicted, man. But I mean, my life is words, you know, in times of my music. That’s why I think I’m so addicted.

CNN: What do you use the iPad for?

Ludacris: Everything. Like — everything. Books, of course. Games. Internet. The list goes on and on. Social media. All of that stuff.

As for his line of headphones, which he admits doubles as a fashion accessory, Ludacris notes that the design is Bentley-inspired and combines premium sound quality with a fashionable sense of style.

“I’ve seen some headphones that look nice,” Luda explained, “but the sound is terrible, and I’ve seen headphones that sounded good but, you know, they didn’t have any type of fashion sense to them.I wanted to design something that could give you both.”

But back to the lecture at hand.

Oh whoops, just channeling some Dr. Dre and Snoop there for a second.

Anyways, when asked about his favorite gadget, Ludacris doesn’t hesitate to shout out the iPad, the caveat being that headphones aren’t considered a gadget device.

And regarding his favorite app, Words with Friends, Ludacris explains that when he gets pinged, it’s hard to not get busy. “You could be doin’ anything,” he says, “and you have to get it off your chest –you have to play. And you feel so much better when there’s all these people playing and it’s their move, you know what I mean?”

Lastly, Ludacris says that the most embarrassing on his iPhone is a Bubble wrap app. “As a kid, we used to all love doin’ that. Come on. Look, I can’t stop doing it right now.”



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