Mac Plus + iPad + Helmet = One creative DJ

Thu, Feb 3, 2011

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Move over Pauly D, there’s a new DJ in town and his name is DJ Kid Chameleon. Now there’s unquestionably an abundance of DJ’s who fall under the Techno/Electronica genre, and in our humble, albeit limited experience, the bulk of them are all interchangeable.

Except, of course, for DJ Kid Chameleon.

So what makes this DJ Kid Chameleon stand out? How about a Mac Plus/iPad visualizer helmet, for starters.

Looking to showcase visuals in a fresh way during shows, and perhaps in an effort to channel Daft Punk, Chico State University student Terrence Scoville purchased a Mac Plus on eBay, gutted it, cut a hole on the bottom of the case, inserted the cushioning from a bicycle helment into the case, and then cut out a slot for the iPad to slip on in. And because the iPad is so svelte, there’s plenty of room for DJ KC, or anyone for that matter, to just have their head in the Mac Plus case, chillin. Top all that off with a sound activated electroluminescent patch attached to the front of the helmet and we’re left with this.

DJ Kid Chameleon, a.k.a Matt Loniero, explains: “Inside, there is support for comfort.n led patch that is reactive to sound is attached and its connections are all contained within the body of the computer and fed through the floppy disk drive out of the front.” Meanwhile, the helmet itself is controlled by an iMac running Resolume Avenue, a MIDI Keyboard and a Wiimote.

Cool as hell, though actually DJ’ng with this on your head seems a bit absurd

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