Most popular iPhone and iPad apps of all-time – Updated January 2011

Thu, Feb 3, 2011


Two weeks ago, Apple recorded the 10 billionth app download from iTunes. As part of the commemoration, Apple updated its listing of the most popular iPhone and iPad apps, breaking them down into categories of all-time top paid apps and all-time top free apps.

As for the top paid iPhone apps, the list is hardly surprising. Doodle Jump checks in at number one followed by Tap Tap Revenge 3 and Angry Birds. The list is closed out with Pocket God, two other editions of Tap Tap Revenge, Bejeweled 2, Traffic Rush, AppBox Pro, and good ole’ Flight Control.

The list of most popular free iPhone apps is also not terribly surprising with Facebook and Pandora taking up the top two spots. Expectedly, apps like Shazam, Google Earth, and Skype make an appearance, though the presence of Bump, Paper Toss, and The Weather Channel app is somewhat surprising.

And onto the iPad we go! The top paid iPad apps include Soundhoud, Backbraker Football (which we highly recommend by the way), iFart mobile (naturally, and a few other apps that, frankly, we’re surprised to see on the list.

And as for free iPad apps, well this list isn’t all that different from the list of most popular free iPhone apps, though Facebook is conspicuously absent while apps like Yelp, iBooks, Remote, and Amazon’s Kindle app make first time appearances.


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