John Dvorak advises Microsoft to use Android.. say what?!

Mon, Feb 7, 2011


John, John, John – it’s hard to know where to even start. While¬†Apple fans are used to the nonsensical¬†ramblings of John Dvorak, his odd points of view and strange assertions exist far beyond the realm of Apple. In his most recent article, Dvorak argues that lukewarm sales of Windows Phone 7 drive home the fact that there are really only two combatants in the smartphone wars – Apple and Google. Okay, so far so good.

But then Dvorak veers off the road in a major way. To remedy lackluster sales, Dvorak writes, Microsoft “bite the bullet and embrace Linux and should even take the Android OS, which is Open Source, and simply use it with various modifications.”

Umm, what?

Windows Phone 7 customer satisfaction is high but Microsoft’s problem is that it entered the smartphone game way too late. There’s no reason to think that using Android would do anything to help Microsoft stay relevant.

But that’s beyond the point.

The important question here is, “What in the hell is Dvorak smoking?!”

Microsoft sells Windows Mobile licenses to handset manufacturers. Similarly, Google sells Android licenses to handset manufacturers – contrary to popular opinion, Android isn’t entirely free. So Dvorak wants Microsoft to license Android, add some bells and whistles and then sell the resulting OS to handset manufacturers? None of this makes any sense! Dvorak might as well say that Microsoft should embrace OS X. Why in the world would Microsoft embrace a competitors product?

Oy, my head hurts.


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  1. Scott Says:

    An old relic that use to have some meaning but now needs put out to pasture fir the good of everyone.

    John has been “hasbeen” slipping for the past 4 years and he needs to be tucked in and given the old 286 rest.

    Oh John you, one time had it all, now fighting for clicks by not only jumping the shark twice in one week but now you have got allot of us truly concerned for mental Heath.

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