The Onion swings and misses with Tim Cook MacBook parody

Fri, Feb 11, 2011


The Onion is usually on the ball and on top of their game when it comes to mocking all things Apple, but their most recent effort falls extremely flat. Looking to poke fun at what Apple might release in the temporary absence of Steve Jobs, they came up with a disgusting looking MacBook with moss growing out of both sides of the trackpad and some sorta funky eyeball instead of an iSight camera. Toss in a weak photoshop job (evidenced above), and we reluctantly have to say, “Come on now, Onion, you can do better than this!”

You can check out the full spoof article over here. Hell, you might find it funnier than we did.  But if you’re really looking for a laugh, check out the Onion’s classic take on an Apple “Friend Bar” and their hilarious write up on an invisible iPhone that only the most loyal of Apple customers can see.


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