AT&T to start selling iPad accessories for 50% off; iPad 2 looms on the horizon

Sat, Feb 12, 2011


We’re almost at the mid-way point of February and there’s still no word about an official release date for the the iPad 2. With last year’s launch occurring on April 3rd, rumor has it that the iPad 2 will launch on either the first or second week of April – which of course makes sense given Apple’s desire to maintain annual release cycles.

But Apple isn’t the type to just quietly replace the iPad 1 with the iPad 2 and call it a day without the requisite media attention. The latest word from the rumor mill has Apple holding a special media event sometime in late February ahead of an actual product launch shortly thereafter. But Apple rumors come and go and are propped up just as quickly as they’re refuted.

So with that in mind, this particular piece of news is especially interesting. Boy Genius Report writes that they’ve received word that AT&T corporate stores will begin selling iPad 1 accessories for 50% off starting on February 13th. Now we’re not Nostradamus over here, but it stands to reason that AT&T is looking to quickly get rid of all those old accessories in order to make room for the iPad 2 and its accompanying line of accessories.


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