Google’s Matt Cutts discusses 5 examples of SEO misinformation

Thu, Feb 17, 2011


Below, Google software engineer and webspam guru Matt Cutts discusses 5 examples of SEO misinformation. Topping the list is the misconception that if a company does negative things towards their customers so that they complain on customer complaint sites, that those links are nonetheless factored into Google’s mysterious search algorithm.



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  1. Scott Says:

    Google filters all of the bad press about them very well, they cover up all the investigations that are being done ” Try a Seach and see for youself”.

    Google Corp. Have the most lies, they cover up all the press, all the information gathering blogs have dried up unless you have a direct link and people really think they are ” open ” and for the consumer, I hope more and more people start to see Google for who they really are, they will give things for free to bring you in and speak loudly of open and free but all they are doing is putting you in a small box of thier choosing and selling your information all along while gathering more.

    Allot of folks have seen Google for who the really are and more and more every day will break away from all of the “sweet lies” they use to bring in a public that is so eager to sell thier information for a free program or the promise of a open platform.

    Hold on tight, thoes of you still using googles free services you are seeing that they are not as nice as you once thought, Selling your information is big business and pusing ads is googles in combination with as much Dara mining and credit card information they can get.

    Free sometimes is not better.

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