Former Apple exec and current Sony head Tim Schaff says Apple’s new subscription rules “sounds like a good thing for Android”

Fri, Feb 18, 2011


Apple’s recent app-subcription update generated a considerable amount of controversy this week. Those in the pro Apple camp say Apple shouldn’t have to fit the bill on the backend as publications sign up heaps of new subscribers via iTunes and keep all the profits for themselves. Those in the other camp are calling Apple greedy, to put it mildly. Meanwhile, the music subscription service Rhapsody had threatened to explore legal action against Apple while US and EU regulators might be thinking the same.

In an interview with Tim Schaff, who previously helped manage the development of Quicktime at Apple for 14 years before leaving to become┬áSony’s Network Entertainment head, the former Apple executive didn’t opine too long about Apple’s new subscription rules, but did note that they “seem a little aggressive” and that it “sounds like a good thing for Android.”



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