Gizmodo rented a plane to take this photo of Steve Jobs’ demolished house.. wtf!

Sat, Feb 19, 2011


In acquiring photos of Steve Jobs’ recently demolished Spanish Colonial house, Gizmodo admittedly rented out a plane to view the destruction from above and document it with photos and video.

Damn, that’s some wise spending right there. It must be nice to have money to burn, but hiring a plane to take photos of a house post-demolition seems downright absurd.

So whadya say folks, was it money well spent?

via Giz


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  1. wawa Says:

    they could have used a stock photo of a house demo and saved the money

    what were they thinking they would find?

    a mint condition Apple 1 in the carnage?

  2. Harold Says:

    So, what happened to the pipe organ that was in the house?

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