Best Buy lists 5 new MacBook Pro models and pricepoints

Sun, Feb 20, 2011


Building on credible rumors that Apple will launch a revamped line of MacBook Pros this Thursday, Engadget notes that Best Buy’s inventory system is now showing spots for 5 new MacBook Pro SKUs with varying pricepoints

If accurate, Apple’s expected MacBook Pro refresh will sport prices starting at $1,199, followed by $1,499, $1,799, $2,199, with the top of the line model pricing out at a hefty $2,499.

Parsing things out, and assuming Apple keeps pricing aligned with previous upgrades, the two lower priced models will be for 13-inch configurations. Next, there will likely be two configurations of the 15-inch variety at the $1799 and $2199 pricepoints. Finally, expect the 17-inch MacBook Pro to retail for $2,499, a $200 bump in price from the current price.

Word on the street is that the upcoming MacBook Pro refresh will be quite significant, and will borrow design cues from its lightweight cousin, the MacBook Air. Not only are SSD drives rumored to be on the agenda, but we reported yesterday on the growing noise surrounding the inclusion of Intel’s Light Peak transfer technology which can move chunks of data at an astounding 10GB/s.

Meanwhile, Apple’s put a 3-5 day wait period on all MacBook Pro orders from their online store. And a tip of the cap to you, Apple, for preventing buyer’s remorse.

via Engadget


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