What the average woman looks like in every country [Photo]

Sun, Feb 20, 2011


The Face of Tomorrow is a project “that addresses the effects of globalization on identity.” Or, to put it in layman’s terms, an Instanbul-based photographer named Mike Mike and his team travel the globe where they takes numerous photographs of a country’s inhabitants. Following that, they composite the photos to establish a “typical face” for a country.

In each city I take 100 photos of people in one specific location. I then divide these into male and female and from these I make a composite face. I am not interested in whether a person was born in that place, whether they are a citizen or whether they are simply a tourist. Everyone who is in that place represents the future potential face of that place. In this way the Face of Tomorrow is like a census. A snapshot of a place at a moment in time. The present and the future.

Below is what an “average” woman looks like broken down by country. Adjust your travel plans accordingly, fellas.

And because Mike Mike can’t be everywhere at once, The Face of Tomorrow project is open source to the extent that anyone can send in 100 photos taken of individuals in a particular city and send it in whereupon it will be composited into a single shot.



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  1. USER1 Says:

    South african, white? sorta excludes the 80%+ of the population that aren’t white

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