Apple holding “secret” meeting for retail employees this Sunday

Tue, Feb 22, 2011

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Apple is requesting all of its retail employees to sign non-disclosure agreements in anticipation of a secret, all-inclusive meeting scheduled to take place this Sunday. Does this imply a big product launch, perhaps different from the upcoming MacBook Pro refresh, is in the works?

People familiar with the company’s retail plans revealed that Apple employees on Monday were asked to sign non-disclosure forms. Those who did not sign are said to be excluded from the next employee meeting, expected to be held in the next week.

Those privy to Apple’s brick-and-mortar businesses indicated the meeting was originally scheduled for last week. But the meeting was apparently pushed back for one week, for reasons unknown.

MacRumors, meanwhile, has heard that the meeting is merely a standard quarterly meeting for retail employees, though requiring all involved to sign an NDA suggests that there may be more to it than that.

via AppleInsider


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