MacBook Pro specs leaked? No more white MacBooks and HD screens on all models

Tue, Feb 22, 2011

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MacRumors points us to MacGeneration which purports to have obtained specs for the upcoming MacBook Pro refresh. MacRumors sums them up:

– no more white MacBook (Apple goes back to two lines of 13″ inchers)
– 16 GB SSD mSATA drives on all models to store the system
– Core i3 and third USB port on the 13″ model
– Matte screen option on the higher-end 13″
– Option to replace the SuperDrive with a SSD on the 15 and 17″ models
– HD screens on all models : 1440×900 on the 13″, 1680×1050 on the 15″
– 200 to 300 grams lighter : 1.8 kg for the 13″, 2.3 kg for the 15″, 2.65 kg for the 17″
– Better battery life : 12 hours on the 13″, 10 hours on the 15″
– 8 GB of RAM on the 17″

Other rumors have suggested the Pro’s will undergo a industrial redesign akin to the latest MacBook Air refresh. And oh yes, don’t forget about those Light Peak rumors. After all, the rumored Thursday launch (which coincides with Steve Jobs’ birthday) just happens to be when Intel will reportedly hold its own press event where it will take the wraps off of its Light Peak transfer protocol.

CNET reported earlier today, “Intel released a statement to the media today stating that on Thursday in San Francisco it will “host a…press briefing to discuss a new technology that is about to appear on the market.”

And so the stars begin to align.



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