Apple to call Light Peak “Thunderbolt”; Photos of new data port on the MacBook Pros

Wed, Feb 23, 2011


With a new MacBook Pro refresh expected tomorrow, spy shots of and advertising materials from the updated notebooks began appearing online late last night. The photos confirm the presence of a new data port, and corroborating earlier reports, thew new MacBook Pros will include Intel’s Light Peak transfer technology, albeit under the Thunderbolt moniker. If you recall, Light Peak is capable of transferring data at 10 Gbps in both directions.

Below you can see the Thunderbolt icon taken from what is believed to be new MacBook Pro packaging.

And in the photo below, we see the Thunderbolt data port with the accompanying icon on the low-end 13 inch MacBook Pro.

And a closer shot of the new port.

In conjunction with the release of new MacBook Pros on Thursday, Intel will be holding its own separate event where the company will officially announce the arrival of Light Peak.

via Mac4Ever


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2 Comments For This Post

  1. yep Says:

    You know that’s the mini displayport, right?

  2. yepsux Says:

    Thunderbolt (Lightpeak) port doubles as high speed I/O and Mini-Displayport

    Disregard the dumbass saying it’s just the mini displayport.

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