The frustrating Palm Pre 2 sign up process

Thu, Feb 24, 2011


QuirksMode writes about the frustrations involved trying to get a Palm Pre 2 up and running.

I had an old Palm user account left from a year ago, but couldn’t remember the password. Obviously. When the process asked for it I gave one of my series of passwords and hoped for the best.

It was the wrong password. Two things emerged:

  1. The phone didn’t actually have a data connection. After about a minute(!) it noticed this and asked me to fill in my operator’s APN details.
  2. The process does not allow you to try several passwords. The first one has to be correct right away, or you go into a totally different logic loop.

The connection thing is weird. I mean, why start the sign-up process if there’s no way of communicating with the Palm servers? Besides, why do I need to give in the APN information at all? I used my Vodafone SIM card in several phones, and I had to do this only once (BlackBerry Torch? Not sure any more.) All others just recognise the SIM card and connect; no hassle involved.

You can check out the entire story here.



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