Paying a blogger to switch from an iPhone to a Droid

Sun, Feb 27, 2011


Heather Armstrong is a professional blogger who puts virtual pen to paper over at the immensely popular website Dooce. With over 1 million Twitter followers, 100,000 unique visitors to her website on a daily basis and estimated ad revenue of approximately $40,000/month, Armstrong has made a strong career out of candidly writing about cleaning diapers, her depression, her experience growing up as a Mormon, and basically anything else that happens to cross her mind.

In a recent New York Times MagazineĀ profile, where Armstrong is called the “Queen of the Mommy Bloggers”, it was revealed that Verizon paid Armstrong to switch from an iPhone to a Motorola Droid. Just some old fashioned product placement, really.

This summer, the renovation of the office was sponsored by Verizon, and [Heather’s husband] Jon shot a series of videos of Heather describing the new furniture and the computer wiring. Each one ran as a post on the site, opening and closing with the Verizon logo. Part of the deal was that the Armstrongs had to switch from iPhones to Droids during the renovation. When the sponsorship ended this fall, Heather and Jon immediately went back to their beloved ATT-powered phones.

With the iPhone on Verizon, maybe it’s time the Armstrong’s embark on yet another home renovation šŸ˜‰



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  1. Lee Says:

    just proves, some people wiil do anything for money ,and then most regret it

  2. Stenar Says:

    Heather and her husband are long-time Apple users and I’m sure they never actually gave up using their iPhones. Just got some free Droids and mentioned them occasionally on the blog.

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