Southwest teams with Apple to offer fliers 20 free songs via iTunes

Mon, Feb 28, 2011


From their unique boarding structure to quirky pilots with a knack for cheezy jokes, flying Southwest Airlines is an interesting experience to say the least. Now, in their never-ending efforts to be as people friendly and innovative as one can possibly be for something as routine as air travel, Southwest is starting to sell media content to travelers via iTunes.

Dubbed InAirtainment, the program will offer “fliers a playlist of 20 free songs from new artists to entice customers to shop the iTunes store, and Southwest will be receiving a small percentage of sales like any typical iTunes affiliate.”

In an interview with Variety magazine, Southwest spokesperson Whitney Eichinger explained, “We want our customers to be able to find all their travel needs at and a big part of traveling is loading up on songs, movies, and all the television you’ve missed during the week.”

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