What it’s like working at Microsoft

Mon, Feb 28, 2011


Windows development manager Richard G Russel has an extremely interesting post up detailing what its like being a coder at Microsoft on a day to day basis.

I quite often see assumptions on the inter-tubes that writing software at Microsoft is a mind-numbingly boring, tedious, manual, excruciating, soul-crushing bureaucratic exercise. This couldn’t be further from the truth – especially in Windows.

The standard development system is a quad core 64-bit system with 8 gigs of memory, fast hard drives, a gaming quality graphics adapter, and at least two large monitors. Many people have three monitors, some have four. We’re moving to SDD’s.  My boot drive died and I replaced it with an Intel x25M SSD. Our systems are plugged into a fully switched gigabit Ethernet network.  Networking access is almost never a bottleneck.  There is a regular cycle of system replacement and upgrade – roughly every two years.

Check out Russel’s full walk through over here. Interesting stuff for those on the outside looking in.


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