AT&T will support iOS 4.3s Personal Hotspot feature out of the gate

Thu, Mar 3, 2011


One of the features to get excited about in iOS 4.3 is the ability for GSM iPhone owners to transform their iPhone 4 into mobile hotspots capable of supporting up to 5 concurrent wi-fi enabled devices. But much like tethering and MMS, support for Apple’s personal hotspot feature is left up to individual carriers; and given AT&T’s track record with respect to implementing new features, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume the worst of Ma Bell.

But, thankfully, AT&T confirmed to Electronista last night that the company will, in fact, support the personal hotspot feature when iOS 4.3 launches on March 11.

Pricing should stay the same as for basic tethering and will need its new DataPro hotspot/tethering plan, which combines 4GB of total data with connection sharing for $45.

The pricing puts it on par with Verizon’s own combined strategy except for flexibility. Verizon’s plan has unlimited data on-device, but users can’t draw more than 2GB while in hotspot or tethered mode without an overage. AT&T’s plan is capped on all devices, but those who tether or use the hotspot often will have up to twice as much room.

via Electronista



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