iTunes now boasts over 200 million credit card accounts

Thu, Mar 3, 2011


As he usually does, Steve Jobs kicked off his presentation yesterday by detailing the growing number of iTunes users. As it stands now, iTunes has over 200 million individual accounts, which of course translates into 200 million separate credit card accounts.

“Amazon doesn’t publish their numbers,” Jobs said, “but it’s very likely that this is the most accounts with cards anywhere on the Internet.”

Not only that, but Jobs also mentioned that Apple has already paid out over $2 billion to developers since the iTunes App Store first opened for business in July 2008.

That said, it’s almost comical that some publishers are complaining over Apple’s 30% cut of in-app subscriptions when Apple is providing unprecedented access to an¬†unparalleled number of customers who can sign up for subscriptions with a simple click.


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