Lazily taking Apple to task over MacBook Pro refresh

Sun, Mar 6, 2011


Writing for TheNextWeb, Brad McCarty argues, quite unsuccessfully, that Apple missed quite a few opportunities with the release of the new lineup of MacBook Pros. Among his litany “complaints” is this gem.


This is an area where Apple did about half of what it should have done. Thunderbolt is amazing. It truly holds the power to change the way in which we connect devices to our computers. Why then do we have to wait for parts that aren’t yet ready? Granted, the Thunderbolt port connects with parts that we already have on hand. That’s great. But we really need things to plug into it in order to fully appreciate what it can do.

Apple has a long-standing habit of introducing technologies and then pushing them toward acceptance by readily promoting the products (Firewire anyone?). Apple should have made the push on manufacturers to make sure that Thunderbolt-driven products were on the market the day of launch, rather than just letting us find out that they’ll be available sometime later with no prices set.

Now, taking this a step further, here’s a bit of speculation — Why didn’t Apple change the structure of its logic boards in order to run its internal drives through Thunderbolt? This would have opened the door to later upgrades, sold directly inside of an Apple Store, thus leading to more profit by Apple on existing devices.

Umm, wow.


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