iPhone 5 rumored to come with aluminum back, A5 chip, and new antenna design

Mon, Mar 7, 2011

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The latest iPhone 5 rumor relays that Apple’s next-gen device will do away with the glass backing found on the iPhone 4 and will instead implement an aluminum back, much like the one used on the original iPhone.

Network World reports:

The purported impetus behind the design change had to do with complaints Apple received about scratching on the iPhone 4 and the well-known issues Apple experienced in trying to manufacture the white iPhone 4. Remember, the white iPhone 4 was initially supposed to drop alongside the black iPhone 4 before being delayed over and over again reportedly due to problems involving color consistency.
Also slated to appear in the iPhone 5 is the speedy A5 chip Apple showcased in the iPad 2 last week. Further, the report notes that the iPhone 5 antenna will be redesigned and will be located behind the Apple logo on the back, marking an end to the exposed antennas Apple employed to much scrutiny on the iPhone 4.


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