Apple rumored to show off iOS 5 and new MobileMe at special event in mid-April

Tue, Mar 8, 2011

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The German Mac siteĀ is reporting that Apple plans to hold a media event on either the 14th or 15th of April where the company will for the first time offer developers a sneak-peak at iOS 5 and take the wraps off of a revamped MobileMe. There hasn’t been much buzz surrounding iOS 5, but given Apple’s tendency to keep things on an annual cycle, a mid-April event makes sense in light of last year’s iOS 4 event which took place on April 8.

As for MobileMe, rumors of a completely rehashed service have been making the rounds for weeks. Most recently, reports suggested that the new MobileMe will enable users to back up all their iTunes purchases to the cloud and download them to any iOS device linked to that account should those files be lost or become corrupted. There have also been reports that Apple is considering making MobileMe (currently a yearly $99 charge) a free service, but knowing Apple, that doesn’t seem likely.

Some other rumoredĀ MobileMe features that have surfaced over the past few months include support for live video streaming, location based check-in software, and geotagging.


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